Wednesday, August 7, 2013

News: Mom Busted For Biting Teen Daughter's Breast During Altercation

Don't fuck with Grandma.

From The Smoking Gun.
Mom Busted For Biting Teen Daughter's Breast During Bloody Domestic Battle

August 5, 2013

A Florida woman is facing a felony rap after she allegedly bit her 16-year-old daughter’s breast during a dispute in the family’s Vero Beach home, cops report.

According to investigators, Joy Young, 38, was quarreling with her offspring, Diamond LaCrystal Simmons, last month when the dispute turned violent. Simmons told police she was arguing with her mother “about Young trying to collect social security for Diamond’s new born baby.”

Simmons’s two-month-old was asleep on a bed while its mother and grandmother fought, according to an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office report.

Simmons claimed that Young scratched her several times in the face, and then “bit her on the right breast in the nipple area, causing the skin to tear and also bleed.”

A cop who responded to the family’s home reported that Simmons had visible scratches on her face and “also had a 16px blood stain on her shirt” from where she said her mother bit her.

Young told police that she argued with her daughter because “she (Diamond) is never home and she (Young) always has to watch the baby.”

Charged with child abuse, Young was booked into the county jail, where she posed for the mug shot at right.


  1. Well, with the name Diamond LaCrystal, she won't have to change her name for her stripper career, should she choose to pursue one.

  2. Teenager? Good, they deserve it.

  3. Yikes! First thing that comes to my mind is the chances for that baby having a bright future seem mighty slim.

    Mugshot guy--HA! Wonder what Medusa's son did?

  4. She's 38 and a GRANDMOTHER, my brain pretty much shut down after absorbing that... Makes me feel a whole lot better about my version of 38.



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