Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Face Swaps Of The Day

From Daisy. Fun with crazy celebrity faces.
Tom Cruise with Celine Dion's eyes

Celine with Tom's mouth

I swapped mouths on Lindsay and Celine.

What if Gary and Britney switched eyes?

And Gary and Oprah exchanged mouths?

Miley's tongue was a perfect fit for Gary's mouth, and I gave her his eyes.
(Gary has enough crazy to go around.)

If you thought Charlie couldn't look any crazier, check him out with Mel Gibson's eyes.

And Mel with Charlie's mouth.

Finally, a crazy celebrity list isn't complete without these two. I traded mouths on Snooki and Kim.



  1. Charlie Sheen looks exactly the same coming off of a three-day coke binge or, as he calls it, "the weekend."

  2. Charlie with Mel's eyes scares me! :D

  3. Daisy is the best! I love these even though they are scary!



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