Monday, August 5, 2013

Embarrassing Human Billboards Of The Day

Surely there are easier ways to make $7.50 an hour.

He could fart in there and they would just think it was
the kebab flavor they were smelling.

Hopefully they make wax sheets, too.

"Eat me!"

Lame lame

With liberty and biscuits for all.

What happens when he has to pee?

Yeah, you look just like Fred. Especially the jeans and the hat.

They win.

These I especially love. File under Law & Order & Creative Judges.

The flowers mean she's sincere.

250K? They must have a lot of crime in Harris County.

And this Coke.

Kohl's has headphones?


  1. I need to know what those bitches stole from a nine year old. I NEED TO KNOW, Cary.

  2. I used to live in Harris County! (Houston) and yes, there is a judge who is particularly fond of this type of public punishment. Gotta love it.

  3. There's a kid who dances out in front of the Little Caesar's Pizza here except he doesn't wear the lame costume. He's actually pretty good and is quite entertaining to watch. Every time I drive by there, though, I think that whatever they are paying him, it's not nearly enough.

  4. Great captions, by the way! "Wax sheets" and "And this Coke" made me laugh. :D

  5. "With liberty and biscuits for all!" HAHAHA! I love these. They certainly make me appreciate my job!

    Hilarious captions as always, Cary. :)



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