Friday, August 16, 2013

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: '86 Winnebago

Link from Eli Short.
86 Lesharo Winnebago - $500 (St Pete) 

I am currently selling an 86' Lesharo Winnebago...MY BREAKING BAD Lesharo Winnebago!!!! (not from the tv show, breaking bad, as you can tell)

After a few run ins with some ruffians and it needs some work. Time has taken its toll on this bad boy.

It gets as many miles to the gallon as you want as long as it's in neutral and rolling downhill. That being said it can roll out of my yard that is if you push it or give it a good kick. That being said, this only applies to it going downhill, you are SOL if there's no hills to be found, then you gotta push it in its current condition.
I am gonna throw in a portable toilet that is in GOOD condition. Recently took care of the bees that were living inside and now it is ready for someone to move into it. 
If you are interested in being that lucky son of a gun, give me a call or a email. 
Granted you can not live in it on my property. Needs fixing, needs new tranny, gutted interior. 4 Cylinder renalt engine. 
Has a cracked windshield, lets blame that on the Florida heat and not its previous owner. 
$500 As is. If you mow my yard you get $50 off. No, you can't just mow my yard for $50. 
It is in rough condition GREAT TIRES. 
I am not able to transfer this so bring a means to tow or whatever this old dog. 
Call Pat at 727-424-3099 or email.

May or may not be a time machine. Buyer beware. Didn't work for me... just saying. 


  1. All that PLUS a portable toilet (sans bees), and it might be a time machine too? Where do I sign?

  2. This sounds too good to be true!

  3. More like WINNING-bago, AMIRIGHT?? No? okay..



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