Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Classy Bride Of The Day

Alllllrighty then.

From Beth Steiner and The Soup.
We can't tell what's worse: the fact that the bride chose to play Buckcherry's "Crazy B*tch" as she walked down the aisle, or that she chose to use a karaoke version of it (which we're guessing she sang over).

Our favorite part is the reaction from the dad in the foreground who looks on helplessly as the bride destroys his son's innocence (and sings about wanting to "f**k all night").

The only songs that would have been worse are "Pour Some Sugar On Me," "Cherry Pie," or a reimagining of the classic wedding song "Here Comes the B*tch."


  1. Well, she certainly turned it into a day to remember!

  2. On your wedding day, it's the bride that's supposed to blush -- not the guests! Geez, woman, pick up a Bride's magazine or Emily Post for pity's sake.

  3. I can see her at the reception later, wedding dress hiked up while she smokes a cigarette outside. I can only imagine how raunchy the reception got, if this was the ceremony.

  4. Disgusting.. just disgusting

  5. Horrible. You would think she could have taken a voice lesson for her special day. Jeeze...

  6. What a skank....but the groom was a jackass as well....bandana on his head. White trash wedding!~

  7. Gracious! That dude was resisting the urge to cover his son's ears.



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