Monday, July 15, 2013

Trip Advisor Users Whose Vacations Were Less Than Wonderful (Of The Day)

I bet they were using Groupons.

From Tripadvisaargh via Buzzfeed.


  1. Dirty diapers in a drawer? Sperm and cough syrup on a blanket? I make them give me bed linens WARM FROM THE DRYER when I check into a hotel. And if the room smells funky in any way -- give me another one, pronto. I hope there's a record of me somewhere (like Elaine on Seinfeld's medical chart) that says, "This guest is DIFFICULT. Make sure her room is perfect."

  2. "Cockroach powder" made me laugh. This post makes a staycation sound like a good idea. :-)

  3. I was working in San Diego a few years ago, got a phone call at 5am from someone doing a customer service survey. After answering a couple of questions about my stay, I said, "It's 5am, I'm hanging up." to which the man replied, "WAIT!! WAIT!! I'm about to cum." Yeah. Stay classy, San Diego.

  4. COCKROACH POWDER. Also? I'm ordering a black light, pronto. EW.

  5. I once worked for a hotel management company and at one of our less-than-5 star portfolio (I think it was a Hojos near LA) had to call in a professional disaster company to clean up the results of a satanic ritual involving a goat sacrifice. I don't think they would have passed the black light test there!



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