Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Punk-Ass Goat Of The Day

I would knock the shit out of that goat. Then eat it. I kept waiting for someone to come out with a shotgun. Charge THIS, motherfucker! KABLAMM!


  1. Yikes! What a menace! You'd think someone could find a rope and the people could work together to get him lassoed and tied to a tree, at least. Where's Heidi's friend Peter when you need him? :-D

  2. I do love me some cabrito. Delicioso.

  3. I love this goat. He knows an asshole when he sees one. :)

  4. What a total jerk. Where are this goat's parents?

    My favorite part of this video is 1:02 to 1:07 when the smaller goat comes up behind and is all, "I got your back, Bill. You want me step in? Oh, you've got him. Cool. I'm right here, man."



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