Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Not-So-Subtly Suggestive Vintage Ads Of The Day

Or maybe it's just my dirty mind.

Here, chow on this.

C'mon. Just the tip.


Miss MUFFet

Yes, if I can sniff your Klampen Koochen.

Please be fake.

It gets lonely at sea.

And those tell you that he is a professional wrestler.

Skinless wiener. Ouch.

A.k.a. Gang Rape


  1. Oh my word! The Sega game gear one--yikes! Who thought that was a good idea? And the Broomsticks one is downright scary. We've come a long way (at least I hope we have!).

    1. Oh but we haven't, google Calvin Klein sexual violence ads and you can see a similar image as the broomsticks ad. Just recreated and with better glamour.

    2. Oh, the sad part is we haven't! Just google: Calvin Klein sexual violence ads, and you can clearly see the similarity to the broomsticks add. Just more glamorized and with color.

  2. So many thoughts:
    -It's almost impossible to advertise wieners to people like me. (And you)
    -I can't hear Miss Muffet without thinking of Andrew Dice Clay.
    -Judging by those boots, he's a tranny.
    -Pretty sure that Broomsticks thing was the movie poster for The Accused.

  3. Killer captions!
    "Yes, if I can sniff your Klampen Koochen."

  4. This makes watching Mad Men a whole different ball game.

    I don't understand what's so manly about an ice skater -- Brian Boitano was metro at best. And Falstaff makes me think of a big fat Shakespearean character. :)

    Love the captions! "Just the tip." HAHAHA!



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