Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News: Brazil football referee decapitated after stabbing player

Sounds like some red cards were given out.

From BBC News.

Brazil referee decapitated after stabbing player

July 7, 2013

Football spectators in northern Brazil decapitated a referee after he fatally stabbed a player for refusing to leave the pitch, officials say.

An angry mob stormed the field during the amateur game in the state of Maranhao and stoned Otavio da Silva to death before severing his head.

Police said the murder was in retaliation for Mr Silva stabbing player Josenir dos Santos.

One man has been arrested over the killing and investigations continue.

The incident took place on 30 June in the remote town of Pio XII, but news of the event has been slow to emerge. 



  1. And that was just a peewee league game!

  2. Hate to see how they'd settle arguments in a game of Scrabble.

  3. Did they kick the head into the gooooaaal? Because that would be wrong.



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