Monday, July 29, 2013

Adults Recreating Childhood Photos Of The Day

Good stuff from Mama Gretch. Click any pic for a larger view.


  1. Love them all but #8, the guy laying face down on mom's legs, killed me. He has the exact same belly!

  2. I wanna know where they get the same outfit in adult sizes? Like the superman ones. The second one cracked me up!

  3. Haha! These are hilarious. The plaid pants--ahahaha! :D

  4. I love these! So creative. I have a great picture of my children when they were 10, 8, and 1. They are all shirtless in denim overalls. I should get them to do a remake while they are all in TN. (Considering they are now 25, 23, and 15 -- it might end up being NSFW.) :)



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