Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vid Of The Day: Tebow Signs With Patriots - Taiwanese Animation Version

I wish all news was like this.


  1. This has always been my argument about Tebow when people say he sucks as a player and doesn't belong in the NFL. If the guy has no talent whatsoever, how did he manage to become the first guy to win a Heisman as a sophomore? They don't just give those to anybody.

    1. I hated Tebow in college because he was a Gator, but I agree with you. The man has talent. Rex Ryan and the Jets were just too stupid to know what to do with him. This is the same team that thinks Mark Sanchez is starting QB material.

    2. Exactly. Higher-ups in the Jets more or less admitted they just hired Tebow as a publicity stunt. Rex and "Suck-chez" frustrated me so much last season that I was inspired to write a song parody about them on my blog.

    3. I read today that the new QB they drafted is having a hard time learning the playbook, so it looks like they might be stuck starting the season with Suckchez. Good. I hope they lose every game.

  2. If all sports news was more like this, I would watch it! Sometimes.



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