Friday, June 28, 2013

News: California Man Claims Attempted Rape Was An "Accident"

Now he can accidentally go to jail and accidentally get gang-raped. What's with these wuss criminals anymore? The only thing worse than a creep is a creep who can't admit that he's a creep. Own your dysfunction, dipshit.
California Man Says Hiding In Girl's Car, Threatening Her With A Knife, And Telling Her To Strip Was An "Accident"

June 14, 2013 | 12:15 pm

(THE GIST) — As if to suggest he slipped on a banana peel and through a series of inexplicable coincidences wound up in the back of a girl's car threatening her at knifepoint, a California man has denied purposely kidnapping a teenager in a grocery store parking lot,
claiming the felony with which he was charged was an "accident."

According to the police report, 23-year old Aron Kumar Roy hid behind the driver's seat of the alleged victim, directed her where to go at knifepoint, and when she started driving, ordered her to take off her clothes — an act he claims was all just a big misunderstanding because he unfortunately "got in the wrong car."

The girl eventually did escape and the police found the man via fingerprints in what - if it truly was an "accident" - would be a suitable premise for the most violent episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' to date. 



  1. Yea, I "accidentally" ran over this creep after I stabbed him 20 times. oops!

  2. "And then he ran into my knife.
    He ran into my knife ten times!"

  3. Own your disfunction, dipshit!

    ^ my new catchphrase at work ;)

  4. Love this line... "got in the wrong car by accident." - so somewhere out there is some poor girl is thinking, "Motherfucking Aron! Son of a bitch stood me up for our "rape, sleep and porn" date."

  5. I loved the mugshot of the day caption today, Cary---"hurban" --hahaha! :-D



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