Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How To Get Past An Awkward Moment (Of The Day)

From Liz.

Act like it didn't hurt

Stick with it

Ask for help

Act like you meant to do it

Make fun of yourself

Don't give up

Rock it off

Just keep walking

For some awkward moments, there is no recovery. Just come on out and face the music.

(More at Twisted Sifter.)


  1. The horse one makes me *snort* every time, ha!

  2. I love these! (Although I've experienced a few of them, there's fortunately no video evidence.)

    We used to have a big sliding glass door that my mother kept sparkling clean. Our dog would run into it ALL THE TIME and look so confused and puzzled. The cat would run into it and lift her haughty head and prance off (a little crookedly) as if to say, "I totally meant to do that and I did it FABULOUSLY!"

  3. Like Rich Girl, I too love these and have had plenty of my own idiocies. I'm legally blind. Last week, I was waiting for a cab and thought I was leaning up against my backpack, leaning against the front wall of the supermarket. What I was, was slowly sliding sideways. I thought the ground was getting closer, but couldn't really tell until my left shoulder hit a shrub. Damn, I'd love to see that film. Patrons were probably thinking "goddamned homeless people, drunk at 10 am."

    I had never seen the horse one, Damn. Reminds me of the one where the girl is walking the catwalk, modelling. She wobbles and falls, gets back up and wobbles and falls again. The really funny part are the anchor persons. The guy and gal are so cracked up and cackling like loons, the news pretty much comes to a screeching halt. I love stuff like this!

  4. Please. I am the queen of gaffes. The number of times I've walked into the Men's room by accident and caught guys mid-stream...I can't even count. I've gone in for job interviews at bookstores without realising they were porn shops. I used to tan at this place back in the UK that was actually a knocking shop, and the tanning bed was just a cover...went there three times before I caught on...kept wondering why people in town gave me funny looks during the day. I'm the one who can't pull open the door and will keep struggling with it until someone points out the giant sign saying "PUSH". I'll ask where the toilets are whilst standing next to a huge blinking sign saying "RESTROOMS THIS WAY..." The list goes on. Seriously, I live by default.

    The problem is that I'm usually living in my own head and not paying attention to what's going on around me. It makes me highly creative, but it also makes me dangerous behind the wheel.

  5. And what's really sad is that we can't help but laugh at people when they fall. It really is funny to watch. Even if you feel bad for them.

  6. BUCK SHOWALTER, baby! God I can watch that over and over, it's hysterical!

  7. These are great! That horse one cracks me up!

  8. I've never really been good at the smooth recovery. I usually just lay on the ground laughing, or I cry like Lucy. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. These are hilarious! I love the first one and the fourth one where they just act like they are so cool and intended to fall like that. :)

  10. The idiot walking into the door? That is me at a Best Buy in 1993 or 1994! I was so embarrassed I kept going. I got into the car and laughed at myself all the way home. Surprisingly it didn't hurt...for long



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