Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Classic 70s Cut Of The Day: Sweet

I remember this tune well, but not this video--thank god. It's part Austin Powers, part Clockwork Orange. And what the fuck is a metamoPHORsees?


  1. I think that lead singer is my third grade teacher, Mrs. Mumphord. She was pretty groovy so it's totally possible.

  2. Same here, I remember the song but not the video. That was pretty bizarre. The close-up at the minute mark is downright freaky!

  3. I'm unashamed to say this ubiquitous track was a favorite of my youth. How the hell have I not seen this video? And WTF indeed is a metamoPHORsees? Pretentious cunt...

  4. Can we talk about the fact that suburban moms everywhere are still sporting this hairstyle? And how we can get hairstylists to stop this travesty?



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