Friday, May 24, 2013

8 People Who Blindly Followed Their GPS Into Disaster (Of The Day)

Sorry, folks, the GPS doesn't know you're morons.

From The Week.
Driving into the bay
Three Japanese tourists in Australia used their GPS to drive to North Stradbroke Island, just off the coast of Brisbane. But what the machine didn't account for was the nine miles of water dividing the island from the mainland. The road turned to gravel, then to thick mud, then to gentle laps of water against the tires. The three were forced to abandon the vehicle and return on foot.

Am I there yet?
All Sabine Moreau wanted to do was pick up a friend from the train station, which was north of her home in Hainault Erquelinees, Brussels. But when the GPS took her south instead, the 67-year-old didn't question it. She stuck by her GPS when she saw the signs for the German towns of Frankfurt, Aachen, and Cologne. And when the lengthy trip forced her to refuel twice, and pull over to catch a few hours of shut-eye — Moreau didn't question the machine even then. Only when she entered the Croatian capital of Zagreb did she finally realize something was up.

In 2009, Robert Jones' reliance on his satellite navigation system nearly got the best of him when he was driving in West Yorkshire, England. The "road" began to steepen and narrow, but still he plugged on. "It kept insisting the path was a road," he later explained, "so I just trusted it." Jones only realized how wrong he was when his car stopped inches from a 100-foot drop. He managed to get out safely, but the car remained balanced on the edge. It took a recovery team nine hours to haul the car away, and Jones was given a court citation for driving without care and attention.

House call
Early one foggy Saturday morning in 2011, a father was driving his wife and two kids through South Brunswick, N.J. At a T intersection, where the only options were left and right, this driver opted instead to follow his GPS guidance and go straight. He missed the initial stop sign, ran over the lip of the curb, and continued for another 100 feet before running his car into a house.

Up a tree
In 2007, a 37-year-old German truck driver had his GPS guide him to a Swiss factory where he was to deliver his cargo. But instead of heeding the "no-entry" warning signs that should have deterred him, the driver followed the sound of the female voice until the truck ended up wedged in the cradle of a cherry tree.

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  1. GPS gives people way too much credit assuming that they will apply common sense.

    I did like the citation for "driving without care and attention." I will happily volunteer to sit at certain locations in town and issue those.

  2. Sort of the 21st century equivalent of setting the cruise control and going into the back of the Winnebago to grab a snack.

    Yet another example of people's eagerness to abdicate responsibility.

  3. Oh my! If you're about to run into a body of water, a house, or a tree, you really might want to consider going in a different direction no matter what the GPS is telling you!

  4. You'd think since the GPS is a woman's voice, no one would listen. AMIRIGHT, LADIES? Don't get me started. Thank you. Try the veal.

    1. It's more that the GPS can't roll its eyes and call you an asshole under its breath when you don't listen to it.

      Also a GPS won't nag you for half an hour about how you missed an exit, even though it told you it was coming up sixteen miles ago.

  5. The only person from the US on this list happens to be from New Jersey. LIES, I say!

    1. They would've added stories from Florida, but realized that would be like beating the dead half-retarded meth addicted horse.

  6. Well, I'm in FL so here's a story! I work at the sheriff's office and we get calls constantly from people trying to get to a youth detention center just outside town. Apparently all the GPS maps to the place are wrong, and instead of leading them to the detention center gates, the units direct them out to the middle of nowhere, down a dirt path in an orange grove. We've had to go out and fish several people out of the middle of the grove where their car was stuck in a foot of sand in an area that doesn't even resemble a road of any kind.



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