Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weird Stuff That Actually Exists (Of The Day)

Some Mother's Day gift ideas for ya. You're welcome.

From Izismile. Link from Dawn B.

Nic Cage Hair Board

Chinese fingertrap handbags

Pee Wee Herman Biking Suit

Gamer Bathroom

Lobster phone case

Mandela air freshener

This sweater

(See more here)


  1. That "sweater" gave me the willies. It looks like something out of a B-grade sci-fi movie. Bet you could find it on etsy.

  2. Such craziness! It seems like the Chinese fingertrap handbag would make your finger joints hurt if you had anything very heavy in the bag. Not to mention the fact that it would be rather inconvenient to do anything else with a handbag hanging off the ends of your fingers!!

  3. I wonder if that Mandela air freshener smells like the rains down in Africa...

  4. I would totally buy the dog sweeper booties!

    I saw a picture frame the other day that allowed you to make any picture you put in the frame a Wooly Willy. That could be fun. :)



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