Monday, April 22, 2013

Viral Photo/Story Of The Day: The Olive Garden Menu Fort Won't Save You

Bad things happen when you take a date to the Olive Garden.

From Gawker.
'Grown-Ass Man' Builds Olive Garden Menu Fort to Hide from Girlfriend

Adam Howell was at an Olive Garden in Charlotte last night when he overheard a couple at a nearby table quarreling

Looking over, he couldn't help but admire how the disagreement was ultimately resolved.

"A grown ass man is mad at his girlfriend at Olive Garden & has made a menu fort," Howell tweeted.

Hundreds agreed, making his photo go viral.

Howell soon provided some follow-up, noting that the waitress eventually put the kibosh on the seemingly foolproof stratagem by taking the man's menus away.

"Once she took the menus, phones were out for the rest of the meal," Howell added.

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  1. I once watched a couple have a fight in an Earl's. He (yes he) grabbed his water glass and threw the contents in her face. Too bad it was emtpy. Then he grabbed her water glass (which was full) and drenched her. Kind of lost its impact the second time around. That was just petty. Poor little boy had his knickers in quite a twist.

  2. This reminds me of when my boys were very young, and they would shoot their straw wrappers at each other across the table. :-)

  3. Such warm safety in a menu fort. It's not nearly as impervious as a blanket fort bolstered by foundational pillows. That is impenetrable!

    1. It's true. My great granddad and two squad mates held off an entire Kraut division for five straight days in a blanket fort back in the Great War.

    2. I'd like to thank your granddad for his service to this country.

    3. As would I. Unfortunately he died a week later at Bazentin Ridge while attempting to take cover behind an Olive Garden menu fort.

    4. I don't use the word 'Hero' a lot...



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