Tuesday, April 30, 2013

News: NASA Drew A Giant Penis In The Sand On Mars

It's pointing directly at Uranus.

From Gizmodo.
NASA Drew This Giant Penis on the Surface of Mars

Apparently, this drawing of the male genitals etched into the surface of Mars—which has popped up on NASA's website—was just an amusing accident. 

Either that, or a very dirty-minded individual got hold of the controls of NASA's aging Opportunity Mars rover--as if it wasn't bad enough that Opportunity got replaced by Curiosity and left on the red planet to die.

The appearance of this celestial schlong could, of course, be pure coincidence. Or even photoshopped—but the fact that it's on a NASA website either makes that unlikely or even funnier. Either way, it's still childishly amusing.


  1. Maybe Marvin the Martian did it. He always seemed a little odd to me. :-)

  2. Dammit Lefty, you said that you were gonna tell me when you got a chance to drive the Mars rover. You always mess up when drawing the balls, every time.



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