Friday, April 5, 2013

Custom Product Of The Day: Soul Portraits

"I am proud to offer the unique *magical* service of Erial Ali creating a Celestial Soul Portrait of YOU!" -- artist Erial Ali.
How it works:

1. Erial will send you a questionnaire to find out about you: your interests, your passions, your fascinations, how you "see" yourself, and other clues to your higher celestial personality.

2. You send Erial a high-resolution photo of yourself, an image that you feel is highly representative of "the real you." An image that represents how you like to be seen. This will be Erial's "starting point."

4. Erial meditates and "tunes into you," to "get your unique essence."

5. Once Erial "gets an aspect of your celestial self", then imaginatively transforms your photo into a Celestial Soul Portrait of you!

Get yours here!


  1. YES, to the blond Viking/Eastern Asian Warrior God!

  2. I tried this, but mine came back black. Apparently, you have to have a soul.

  3. If my Celestial Soul is a hotter, thinner version of me then count me in. Take all the essence you want, Erial!

  4. I thought this had to be an onion-type spoof but no, it's real all right. So Erial has some software that does this? Big whoop, I have a phone app (why is another story) called cat paint that puts cats in photos, some have lasers shooting out of their eyes. That'll be $225 please.



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