Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bizarre Dying Wishes Of The Day

From CBC.

Before pianist André Tchaíkowsky of Poland died of cancer in 1982, he asked that his body be donated to science. He also asked that his skull be used to portray Yorick in a performance of Hamlet.

For many years, Tchaíkowsky's skull had been used in rehearsals of Hamlet in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, but never in an actual performance. Cue David Tennant (of Dr. Who fame) who revealed he's used the skull in 22 performances of Hamlet at Stratford, without the audience knowing.

By all accounts, American Second World War vet David Kime Jr. "lived by his own rules". His daughter said that his last request, while unusual, was a "happy way of honouring [him] and the things that brought him joy."

Kime Jr.'s funeral procession stopped off for a posthumous order, a Burger King drive-thru burger, to be placed atop his flag-draped coffin at the cemetery.

After Angel Pantoja Medina, 24, was found dead in San Juan, Puerto Rico, his family wanted to fulfill his dying wish. He wanted to be standing at his own wake "ready to party." So, Angel was embalmed in a special way so people could embrace him one last time.

Angel stood for his entire three-day wake wearing his favourite Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses.

When Brit James Booth, a vintage shotgun expert, passed in 2004, it was no surprise that his last request involved the hobby he loved so much.

The former hunter's ashes were mixed into a batch of shotgun shells, which were blessed by a minister before he was given a 12-gauge final salute.

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  1. Funky Cold Standing Medina is giving me the willies. *shudder*

  2. If I got up in the middle of the night for something and walked in the living room to the sight of that dead guy standing there, I would be catatonic for about a year. And incontinent.

  3. I have to would TOTALLY ROCK if my skull was used as a prop in any capacity by the Royal Shakespeare Company. THIS IS JUST SO FLAMING COOL.

    One of my friends back in Germany said that when she died, she wanted to be embalmed standing up with both middle fingers extended so she could be used as a hat rack. She was always the practical sort.

  4. Nothing says "Let's party!" like a dead guy standing in the corner.

    I think the skull/Shakespeare thing is very cool. A little creepy (for the actor playing Hamlet) but a nice way to be remembered.

  5. The two "outlandish" ideas for my post-death time on earth were both pretty much shot to hell.

    1.) Donating my...manhood to the Icelandic Phallological Museum. But despite what they say, they aren't in any rush for boner donors.

    2.) I wanted my skin to be made into leather and bound into a copy of a book. But apparently that's illegal. Lousy spoilsports.



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