Friday, March 8, 2013

The Best Queen Songs You've Never Heard (Of The Day)

Okay, maybe you've heard one of two, but not all. Each link goes to a video.

List and copy from
My Melancholy Blues
A little jazzy swing, imagine it playing in a smoky Berlin bar in the 30s…

Get Down, Make Love
Covered by Nine Inch Nails no less, it’s a dirty tune…


OK, not an unknown song, but at Freddie’s tribute concert in ’92 it was given the Robert Plant treatment, which dazzled.


Just a lovely melody, all Brian. This is the one George Michael used to busk on the Underground. He did a fine version at the tribute concert…

My Fairy King

Wonderful prog nonsense.


From their electro flop Hot Space, this has a certain dated swing. Or is it dated? Everything old is new again. No doubt songs like this were influenced by the Munich gay bars near the recording studio. Bowie and Freddie out on the prowl in 1981, there’s a thought…

The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke

All right, this is what turns people off Queen. Ludicrous prog, overblown nonsense. And absolutely awesome.Could have picked any song from their majestic second album, Queen II.

Princes of the Universe

Some of us have seen Highlander a hundred times, but for those of you who haven’t, this song utterly defines it. Plus, Christopher Lambert locking swords with Freddie in the brilliant video.

Stone Cold Crazy

Really, this is metal. They rocked as hard as any of the denim dullards of the 70s and did it wearing diamante. That well-known lover of camp James Hetfield even had a go at singing it (Metallica actually covered it properly for a tribute album too).


  1. I love Queen. One of my best birthdays ever was my 13th -- I got 4 Queen albums. (All they had released at the time.) I wore them slap out. I think it's time to update my iPod. :)

  2. I love "'39." It's been one of my favorites for a long time.

    1. I thought it was "69" that you loved, Daisy.

    2. Cary! ! You promised you wouldn't tell!

  3. Loved these, never heard any of them before. Thanks!!

  4. If your mom asks you to put on some music for her DON'T choose "Fat Bottomed Girls".
    She won't think it's funny, and getting slapped across the butt with an LP surprisingly stings a lot.

  5. Stone Cold Crazy in in my favorites playlist. It Rocks!

  6. I love '39. If you have Netflix or similar check out Classic Albums: The Making of A Night at the Opera. It's awesome. Best little ditty about time travel I know.

  7. I have seen Highlander 100 times at least. Who Wants to Live forever still makes me cry. There can be only one...Freddie Mercury

  8. Sorry to be the "How could you leave this out?" guy...but HOW could you leave out "I'm in love with my car"? Freakin love that song!



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