Monday, February 11, 2013

Why Tumblr Is Hilarious (Of The Day)

Buzzfeed link from Steph and Dawn.

See more here.


  1. Apparently all the funny people are hanging out on Tumblr!

    I'm raven over Edgar Allan Bro.

    The POTD caption gave me my first snort of the day! Hilarious!

  2. This doesn't even touch on any of the bizarre sex stuff everywhere on Tumblr... or am I thinking of Pinterest? It's out there, and by god I'll find it.

  3. I love the happy critter (What is that? A badger?) in the astronaut suit. The rat in the toy car with the dog at the window made me laugh too. Funny stuff!

  4. ^ Daisy, It's a sloth!! So damn funny. I love Tumblr but damn.. do I need another time suck in my life? Yes! I'll do it for the LOLZ.



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