Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend Links Of The Day

Too much good stuff this week.

Grammy bans nips, "buttocks," and "puffy genitals" at this year's broadcast. (Evil Beet)

27 things that can ruin your childhood. (Buzzfeed)

Homeless hitchhiking hero Kai gets auto-tuned. (The FW)

10 weird food pairings you need to try. (Paste)

The ultimate guide to writing better than you normally do. (McSweeney's)

Urp! Creepy mom passed drugs to son in jail...via French kiss. (The FW)

A different kind of buffet. (Uncrate)

Soleil Moon Frye and Schwimmer, I remember, but none of the others. Future stars who had small parts on The Wonder Years. (Buzzfeed)

Why didn't we think of this simple iPad gadget? (Amplifiear)

Topless for the greater good (NSFW). (Upworthy)


  1. The animated gifs in the childhood one are hilarious--and painful! Haha!

    I loved the writing advice at the McSweeney's site. Made good sense and was entertaining to read too!

    The mom passing drugs to her son in jail--yuck and ewww!

    The topless art for breast cancer really put things into perspective in an interesting and unusual way.

    Great links! Thanks, Cary! :-)

  2. I love me some weekend love from LOTD!

  3. Great links, C! Buzzfeed and McSweeney's are major black holes for me. I go in there and I come out the other side, hours later. :)

  4. Oh Lordy, the childhood pics/gifs killed me! So much good stuff but of course the McSweeney's Guide to Writing was my absolute favorite.



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