Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vintage STD Propaganda Posters Of The Day

Funny stuff from Hannah and Acid Cow. Interesting (i.e. lame) how women are portrayed as deadly temptresses and ghouls, and the poor soldiers are hapless victims. This wasn't that long ago, either.

Hmm. Define "procurable."

See? They had cock blockers even in the 1940s.

She may look like Katy Perry -- but...

More here.


  1. Yes, hapless victms indeed. Those women didn't spontaneously develop diseases. How convenient it was to ignore that little detail.

  2. Much like the rats of London, we women spread VD with a vengeance! Look out!

  3. Booby Trap: Syphilis and Gonorrhea. That's funny, I call mine Thelma and Louise.

    We obviously didn't need bombs to win the war; we could have just dropped Syphilis Sybil, VD Valerie, and Gonorrhea Gladys on the Axis. Duh.

    I'm reminded of something my finishing school teacher, Miss Nancy Taylor, told us. "Nice girls should say 'no' but nice boys shouldn't ask."

  4. Women! Those filthy, filthy creatures!!



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