Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pretty Girls, Ugly Faces (Of The Day)

A good sense of humor can cover a multitude of ugly. From Reddit.

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  1. Ha! They look like they're having fun. The seventh one reminds me a little of those awful Britney Spears pictures where she was brandishing an umbrella against the paparazzi. I think my favorite is the animated one of the girl with a tattoo on her shoulder.

  2. Those girls look like fun!! Beauty is as beauty does!

  3. Fantastic! My cousin Kelly is gorgeous but makes her "horse face" and it sends people running.

  4. Did I just look at a page of women making their orgasm faces? Cause it seems like I did.

  5. I love a girl with a rubber face. My kids are always fascinated/repelled by my facial contortions. It's an art.

  6. Is it just me or do most of these faces look like there are trying to drop a dog log after eating a truck load of cheese.



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