Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dipsh*ts Of The Day: Thieves Steal Hooter's Jukebox Instead Of ATM

From MailOnline.
Men caught on CCTV driving truck into Hooters to steal ATM but mistakenly take jukebox instead

Jukeboxes are an increasing rare sight these day which might explain why two men in San Diego, California broke into a Hooters bar to steal one.

Police believe the two young men – described as in the late teens or 20s – mistakenly took the jukebox thinking it was a much more lucrative ATM machine.

The incident occurred at around 4am on Tuesday morning and police have released surveillance footage which shows the dumb thieves stealing their musical booty.

The CCTV footage shows the two suspects breaking the glass door of the Hooters at 16911 West Bernardo Dr. in Rancho Bernardo with an unknown object and then trying to drive reverse their vehicle into the lobby.
The open doors weren't wide enough for the truck, so the suspects wrapped the 5-foot jukebox in a tow strap and lifted it into the bed of the pickup and drove away.

Police have described the jukebox as about 5-feet tall and with the Hooters logo on it.

The suspects were wearing dark, baggy clothing and hooded sweatshirts pulled over their heads.

The pickup, either a white or silver colored late 1990s Nissan or Dodge with a crew or extended cab, may have damage on the rear side and the taillights. Pieces of the taillights were left at the scene.


  1. They won't be rich, but they can get their groove on.

  2. They've got soul and they're superbad (theives).



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