Friday, February 15, 2013

8 Famous People Who Died In The Bathroom

Adding indignity to injury. From


Elvis's addiction to prescription drugs was well known, and on August 16, 1977, he was found dead on the bathroom floor in his Graceland mansion. A vomit stain on the carpet showed that he had become sick while seated on the toilet and had stumbled to the spot where he died. A medical examiner listed the cause of death as cardiac arrhythmia caused by ingesting a large number of drugs.


Millions came to know Orville Redenbacher, founder of the popcorn company that bears his name, through his folksy television commercials. He sold the company to Hunt-Wesson Foods in 1976 but remained as a spokesperson until September 20, 1995, when he was found dead in a whirlpool bathtub in his condominium, having drowned after suffering a heart attack.


Claude Fran├žois was a French pop singer in the 1960s who had a hit with an adaptation of Trini Lopez's folk song "If I Had a Hammer." On March 11, 1978, Fran├žois's obsession with cleanliness did him in when he was electrocuted in the bathroom of his Paris apartment as he tried to fix a broken light bulb while standing in a water-filled bathtub.


On July 3, 1971, Morrison was found dead in his bathtub in Paris. He reportedly had dried blood around his mouth and nose and bruising on his chest, suggesting a massive hemorrhage brought on by tuberculosis. The official report listed the cause of death as heart failure.


Actor and former boxer Robert Pastorelli was best known as Candace Bergen's housepainter on the late 1980s sitcom Murphy Brown. He also appeared in Dances with Wolves, Sister Act 2, and Michael. Pastorelli struggled with drug use and in 2004 was found dead on the floor of his bathroom of a suspected heroin overdose.


Scandalous 3rd-century Roman emperor Elagabalus married and divorced five women, including a Vestal Virgin (a holy priestess), who under Roman law should have been buried alive for losing her virginity. Objecting to his sexual behavior and his habit of forcing others to follow his religious customs, his grandmother and aunt murdered Elagabalus and his mother in the emperor's latrine. Their bodies were dragged through the streets of Rome and thrown into the Tiber River.


In May 1968, blacklisted actor Albert Dekker (Kiss Me Deadly, The Killers) was found strangled to death in the bathroom of his Hollywood home. He was naked, bound hand and foot, with a hypodermic needle sticking out of each arm and obscenities written all over his body. The official cause of death was ruled to be accidental asphyxiation.


Controversial comedian Lenny Bruce was famous in the 1950s and 1960s for his satirical routines about social themes of the day, including politics, religion, race, abortion, and drugs. On August 3, 1966, Bruce, a known drug addict, was found dead in the bathroom of his Hollywood Hills home with a syringe, a burned bottle cap, and other drug paraphernalia. The official cause of death was acute morphine poisoning caused by an accidental overdose.


  1. Ugh. I've heard that it's the most dangerous room in the house, but it sounds like most of these people contributed to their own demise.

  2. If I die on the terlet, promise me you'll come drag my body out and position me in a more dignified, natural state... like clutching my iPhone or trying on shoes.

  3. I remember being surprised at how sad I was when I heard Robert Pastorelli died. I always liked his character on Murphy Brown. Jim Morrison, tuberculosis? Really???

    1. I didn't know that people still got that.



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