Monday, February 18, 2013

21 Unfortunately Named Products Of The Day

Unfortunate unless your goal is brand name recall, in which case, congratulations, you nailed it.

Links from Mighty Joe Stankowski.

The sound it makes when you're done with it.

Could be worse. Could be Hotpis.

... ass?

Perfecting the science of gaydar.

Do these taste like something weird?

"Better than nothing." True.

This is what happens when you eat too many meatballs.

Sources: The Sun (Scotland), Smosh, Flickr



  1. Haha! The Wack Off! insect repellent reminds me of that little childhood ditty, "There's a Skeeter on My Peter."

  2. That McPussy brillo pad might need a conditioning treatment. Looks durable, though.



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