Friday, January 18, 2013

Scotch Tape Portraits Of The Day

They have a certain Picasso-esque flavor to them. I'm not sure whether to laugh or run.

From photographer Wes Naman.


  1. HA! I think it's going to hurt when they pull that off. It's surprising what some people will do for the sake of art. :D

    These kind of remind me of the pictures of animals with their faces smooshed up against a glass window.

  2. Hilarious! Made my day. Kinda made me want to try it, but then I realized how much it would hurt to rip off, so I quickly changed my mind. It'd be an "artsy" way to give myself a Brazilian Bikini wax, however!

  3. THose had me laughing so hard

  4. And is that Dr. Phil on your portrait of the day?

  5. I kinda look like that second one when I sleep on my face.

    Scotch tape might hurt but duct tape would remove skin!

  6. Love these! My brother and I used to do this, too. He was convinced it cleared up his blackheads...



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