Wednesday, January 9, 2013

People Who Actually Exist (Of The Day)

Freaks, creeps, morons. They walk among us.

Tucking your boobs into your pants = HOT.

Dude. They make those smaller now, you know.

It says no kids in the cart. It doesn't say anything
about drunk old ladies.

Looks like somebody gave up on getting laid.

Looks like somebody else gave up on getting laid.

More at Buzzfeed.


  1. Hahaha! I love the animal print people. They need to add a safety orange hat to their ensemble so they don't get shot.

    The Lowe's lady! OMG! All I could think of is their new slogan, "Never stop improving." M'kay.

    I admire the folks who snapped the pics. It's hard to do and not get busted. (Personal experience talking.)

    Great list, Cary!

  2. I love lists like these - they make me feel so normal, and of course, are good for laughs.

    Also, Lowe's clearly needs to institute a dress code for its employees .

  3. All these years and I've never thought to take my computer out for a walk. Love the kid eating pizza, too. Haha!

  4. I never knew koala bears drank from their genitals. Ah, nature!

  5. These are great, I love it when something you post makes me literally laugh out loud. When will people learn that tan leggings are NEVER a good idea?

  6. What, a little cheese won't hurt anybody. Also, Is the koala person one of those furries?

  7. these were all hysterical, but those leggings on the Lowe's gal? yeow



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