Thursday, January 10, 2013

News: Man Caught Shoplifting Miley Cyrus Sex Doll

He should have taken the Lindsay Lohan doll instead. It's free. (From The Smoking Gun.)

Poor, Mortified Bastard, 22, Busted Trying To Steal Miley Cyrus Blow-Up Doll From Novelty Shop

December 13, 2012

A North Carolina man is facing shoplifting charges after he allegedly stole a blow-up doll resembling Miley Cyrus from a novelty shop.

Benjamin Greene, 22, was nabbed Tuesday after allegedly swiping the item from a Spencer’s Gifts store in Spartanburg, South Carolina. A worker told cops that she saw Greene remove the “Finally Mylie! Love Doll” from its box and conceal the $19.99 item in his coat.

As he departed the store, Greene was confronted by the Spencer’s employee, who told investigators that the blow-up doll fell out of Greene’s jacket, according to a Spartanburg Public Safety report.

Distributed by Pipedream Products, the “Mylie” doll was released after the pop singer turned 18 in November 2010. While the doll itself bears no resemblance to the celebrity, the item’s packaging includes a photo of a Cyrus lookalike holding a guitar (and includes copy with risqué references to the performer and her father Bill Ray).

The “Mylie” doll is part of Pipestream’s “Super Star Series,” which includes blow-up dolls marketed on the back of female celebrities like Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and Katy Perry.

Greene, seen in the above mug shot, was booked into the Spartanburg County jail on a misdemeanor shoplifting charge. He was later freed without bond, went home, and died of shame.


  1. No "Party in the USA" for him, I guess.

    Nice tagline. ;)

  2. What, were they sold out of the Lizzie McGuire?

    1. Nah, they were recalled for being too lifelike, which ruined the effect since they were supposed to imitate Hilary Duff.

  3. He had to settle for the Mylie sock puppet.

  4. He's lucky it was just a misdemeanor. Otherwise he'd be spending time with the Butch McDick Cellmate Doll.



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