Monday, January 28, 2013

Bad Knock-Off Brands Of The Day

These are huge among the nearsighted, dyslexic, and illiterate. From Rich Girl Red.

That's not chicken.

Good luck brushing the suck off this.

Sounds like Johnnie worked a little too hard.

Ugly by any name.

You don't Michael alone with your food, trust me.


A more accurate description of this product's effect
than "dew."

Ralpl House

Watch out for the secretive goo. It came from
Michael Alone.

Adios, adidos!

Don't call him Bob.

Johnnie Worker wears these.

Made in China. No shit.

Via thaeger, Pleated Jeans, Buzzfeed.


  1. Hahaha! I love these -- great captions, too, Cary.

    "Watch out for the secretive goo. It came from Michael Alone." :D

    Benign Girl. Much nicer and with fewer accessories than Malignant Girl.

    I don't think I want to stick Sonia in my ears. She looks judgmental.

  2. These are great. Love your captions!

  3. Maybe Johnnie Worker should have tried a little more of JohnsDaphne's Tenderness and a little less of the S&M's.

  4. Close but no cigar! These are great. Dolce and Banana is my favorite, I think. Your captions make everything better, Cary.

  5. I LOVE "Skerpie". I don't know why...just...SKERPIE...



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