Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cool People Hanging Out Together Of The Day

Randomness and proof that it's easier to meet famous people when you are one. From this blog.

Brooks & Reiner

Wood & Murray

Jennings & Holly

Ali & Cooke

The Dalai Lama & Mr. Rogers

Dali & Harpo

Chaplin & Gandhi

Elton, Gaga, & Sting

Hackman & T

De Niro & Strummer

Kelly & Astaire

Lee, Davis, & Cushing

Lucy & Eleanor

McCartney & Buckley

Groucho & Cooper

Pacino & Walken

Sandburg & Monroe

Simone & Baldwin

Poehler & Grohl

Waits & Ramone


  1. Pretty nifty pictures! I love the Dalai Lama & Mr. Rogers and Kelly & Astaire photos.

  2. Wow, Simone and Baldwin could eat a hog through a picket fence.

    I love those smiles -- most of them really seem to like each other. :)



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