Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Invention Of The Day: Ostrich Pillow

You won't be able to sleep over the laughter. From Chris Carey and MailOnline.

That's a new way to catch 40 winks! Bizarre invention means people can nap anywhere - but it means wearing a 'pillow balaclava'

Most of us have nodded off on the early morning train to work.

But whereas it would normally mean waking up with a stiff neck, a bizarre invention means people can now comfortably nap anywhere they like - whether it's at a desk, an airport or on a train.

But don't count on being able to catch a sneaky 40 winks during a long business meeting, because the Ostrich Pillow means pulling on what looks like a padded balaclava.

Ali Ganjavian dreamt up The Ostrich Pillow, a cross between a luxury pillow and a balaclava which wearers can rest their head and hands inside. Ganjavian hopes his quirky idea will revolutionise the powernap and prove to be a worldwide hit.

He says: "We spend many hours working all day and sleep is an essential part of our day.  So I thought why not create a product that can help us unwind at work?"

"IT'S A NAP!" - Admiral Ackbar

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Rich Cats Of Instagram (Of The Day)

Another reason to hate them. Not that I do, but this isn't helping. From the blog.

More at Rich Cats Of Instagram.

10 (Alleged) Celebrity Crackheads Of The Day

Crack is whack. Ergo, whack is crack. Half the people on this (2010) list are dead now, so I think we can drop this "alleged" business.

From The Frisky.


We suspected that poor Lilo had a major problem … aside from her poor clothing choices and crazy Tweets. But then a video surfaced allegedly showing her snorting crack with friends in a club bathroom.


While Alec Baldwin was on “30 Rock,” his brother Daniel Baldwin was on crack rock. A couple of years ago, he admitted that he was a straight-up addict.


The world was shocked when TV's queen of nice admitted that she had smoked crack cocaine in her 20s with a boyfriend. Her ex, Randolph Cook, confirmed the story.

(ya think?!)

Courtney Love once said of meeting Coldplay’s Chris Martin, "The first time I met him I was on crack and I was an absolute a**hole and I kept saying, 'Aren't you in Travis?' to him. I was just so horrible to him and I can't believe that he was so nice to me."

(See the rest at The Frisky)



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