Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Top 25 Drunkest Countries In The World

From CBS News and Spinderfella, who's working hard to get America back in the top ten.

A 2011 report by the World Health Organization states that 2.5 million deaths per year are caused by alcohol. "Almost 4% of all deaths worldwide," the report says, "are attributed to alcohol, greater than deaths caused by HIV/AIDS, violence or tuberculosis."

Taking into account government data, surveys conducted by WHO, and other sources, the report provides a snapshot of alcohol consumption in the organization's 193 member countries.

According to WHO, rates of consumption are generally highest in the developed world and rates of abstention are generally lowest in countries with large Muslim populations.

The report looked at alcohol consumed in various forms (including beer, wine and spirits), but the numbers listed are given in terms of the average amount of pure alcohol consumed annually per capita in each country.

25. Latvia - 3.30 gal./person
24. Finland - 3.31 gal./person
23. Germany - 3.38 gal./person
22. Luxembourg - 3.44 gal./person
21. Austria - 3.50 gal./person
20. Netherlands - 3.50 gal./person
19. Slovakia - 3.52 gal./person
18. Denmark - 3.53 gal./person
17. United Kingdom - 3.53 gal./person
16. France - 3.61 gal./person
15. Ireland - 3.81 gal./person
14. Portugal - 3.84 gal./person
13. South Korea - 3.91 gal./person
12. Lithuania - 3.97 gal./person
11. Croatia - 3.99 gal./person
10. Belarus - 4.00 gal./person
9. Slovenia - 4.01 gal./person
8. Romania - 4.04 gal./person
7. Andorra - 4.09 gal./person
6. Estonia - 4.11 gal./person
5. Ukraine - 4.12 gal./person
4. Russia - 4.16 gal./person
3. Hungary - 4.30 gal./person
2. Czech Republic - 4.35 gal./person
1. Moldova - 4.81 gal./person

The U.S. ranked 56th at 2.49 gal./person. Last place was Yemen, with 0.01 gal./person.

Commercial Of The Day: Poo Trap

Pretty sure I've posted this before. It's a classic.

Yeah, sure, my dog will wear that.

Event Of The Day: Zombie 5K

That's one way to get people moving. But once you hit about 3.5k and running on fumes you'll be all, "Eat me, I don't care. I wanna die."

Click the pic if you want more info.

Thanks for the link, Natalie D.

If "Downton Abbey" Characters Were Dogs (Of The Day)

From Dogster.

More here.

Classic Music Video Of The Day: Sharing

TheMovieGuru wanted to hear this. I'm not sure anyone else did. I remember when this song was popular on the radio. A kid at school named Lance admitted that he liked it, then quickly realized what a colossal blunder he had made in doing so.

Btw, nice job on the bongos, Patchy--that really made the song.


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