Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vid Of The Day: Guy Can't Stop Laughing Since Surgery

His wife, on the other hand, is not amused.

Yes, it's real, not from The Onion. Link from Elizabeth.

News Of The Day: Teen Reports Mom For DUI

I bet she gets grounded for that. From The Smoking Gun.

Teen Calls 911, Reports Mom As Drunk Driver

MARCH 16--An Iowa woman was arrested for drunk driving last night after her 15-year-old daughter--who was a passenger in her mother’s car--called 911 to contemporaneously report that her parent was “impaired” behind the wheel.

As a result, cops busted Lori Anne Sedlacek Becicka, a 47-year-old Oxford resident, for operating a vehicle under the influence and child endangerment, both misdemeanors.

According to District Court criminal complaints, Becicka’s daughter, “who was in the car with her,” called 911 to “report defendant was impaired and driving.”

A Johnson County Sheriff’s Office deputy subsequently contacted Becicka after she pulled her vehicle into a parking lot.

Becicka, the cop reported, “smelled heavily of ingested alcohol. Her speech was slurred. Her eyes were bloodshot and watery.” The wobbly Becicka copped to drinking and failed a series of field sobriety tests.

Additionally, a Breathalyzer test recorded her blood alcohol level at .235, nearly three times the state limit.

Becicka’s daughter told Deputy Matt Hendricks that her mother “was even consuming while driving with her in the car.” The investigator reported discovering “open containers in the car.”

Pictured in the above mug shot, Becicka was booked into the county jail following her 8:10 PM arrest.

Vid Of The Day: Sandra Talks Dirty (NSFW)

I wanna get my butt whipped with a nice wet paper towel.

Meme Of The Day: Bad Joke Eel

Because eels always look like they just told a bad joke and are waiting for laughs (that never come).


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