Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Artist Needed

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Artist needed. Must love owls.


Imagine yourself driving through taro fields with King Kamehameha watching after you. He turns to you and requests this in Hawaiian.

We need an artist to depict the following: an owl skeleton with a parrot on its shoulder. The parrot is not a skeleton and is very colorful. The parrot has a peg leg, with a pirate hat on.

The owl has an eye patch and a gold chain necklace with a skull on the pendant of said necklace. The skull in the pendant has an eye patch on the opposite eye of the owl (long story there don't ask). The owl skeleton also has on a wizard's hat with that typical wizard hat wrinkle. The owl is standing on a cowboy hat from a whale's spout.

This all is within a snow globe that Santa is holding with his only good hand because his other hand is a hook. Mrs. Claus is pulling on Mr. Claus' coat with one of those dinosaur mouth grabbers that all 80's children know.

If you can draw this we will pay you and give you a prize.


  1. Well sure, why not. What's the prize and how much do they pay? I wonder if they'll accept a photoshop version... :-)

  2. Holy shit! I JUST got a tattoo of this!

    1. Dammit, my tattoo guy said it was an original and no one else had it!

      Anyone know a good tattoo laser removal place? Preferably one who has experience on facial tats?

  3. If you can draw this, we'll pay for your schizophrenia meds and therapy for a year. That's your prize!

    Prairie Girl



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