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Animals With Fraudulent College Degrees (Of The Day)

From Wikipedia.

"Animals have been submitted as applicants to suspected diploma mills and, on occasion, admitted and granted a degree, as reported in reliable sources. In one case, a cat's degree helped lead to a successful fraud prosecution against the institution which issued it."


In 2009, George, a cat owned by Chris Jackson, the presenter of the BBC show "Inside Out North East & Cumbria," was registered with three professional organizations, the British Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming, the United Fellowship of Hypnotherapists, and the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association, securing George's accreditation as a hypnotherapist.


It was alleged during a 2007 Fostoria, Ohio drug trial that police dog (John I.) Rocko received the same criminal justice Bachelor's degree from Concordia College and University as local Police Chief John McGuire. At the time, McGuire was being sued and investigated for allegedly lying on his resume and application for the job of chief.


Ben Goldacre, a UK-based physician and science journalist, wrote in 2004 of obtaining a diploma in nutrition from the American Association of Nutritional Consultants for his cat, Henrietta, while investigating allegations about the qualifications claimed by Gillian McKeith, former host in the UK of Channel 4's You Are What You Eat and Granada Television's Dr Gillian McKeith's Feel Fab Forever.


On December 10, 1967, The Times reported that Oliver Greenhalgh had been accepted as a Fellow of the English Association of Estate Agents and Valuers, after a payment of eleven guineas (his two references were not verified). Oliver was a cat belonging to Michael Greenhalgh, an investigative journalist.


In 1984 Time Magazine reported that Sassafras, a female poodle belonging to a New York City physician, had received a diploma from the American Association of Nutrition and Dietary Consultants. Her owner had bought the diploma for $50 to demonstrate that "something that looks like a diploma doesn't mean that somebody has responsible training."


In 2010, Mark Howard, a member of the legal team for the defendants in BSkyb Ltd & Anor v HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd & Anor [2010] obtained a degree for his dog Lulu from Concordia College and University. Lulu "graduated" with higher marks than the plaintiff's key witness, who lied that he had attended classes for his Concordia MBA. In the legal community, the story of the witness's MBA is "infamous," and a supervisory management cautionary tale.


Oreo C. Collins (born circa 2007) is a tuxedo cat who gained notoriety when she received a diploma from Jefferson High School Online in 2009, although her age was misrepresented in order to qualify. The sting was an investigative operation by the Better Business Bureau of Central Georgia headed by Kelvin Collins, Oreo's owner.


"Dr." Zoe D. Katze is a housecat owned by Steve K. D. Eichel, Ph.D., ABPP. Dr. Eichel was able to obtain several well-known hypnotherapy certifications for his cat, circa 2001. The ease with which "Dr." Katze obtained these credentials became the subject of an article by the American Bar Association and a news report by CBS News.


The May 30, 2007 episode of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation comedy show The Chaser's War on Everything documented host Chas John Licciardello applying online and obtaining a medical degree for his dog Sonny from diploma mill Ashwood University. Sonny's "work experience" included "significant proctology experience sniffing other dogs' bums."


In 2004 Albany, NY television reporter Peter Brancato received an associate's degree from Almeda University for his dog, Wally. On the application, Brancato listed "Plays with the kids every day ... teaches them to interact better with each other ... Teaches them responsibilities like feeding the dog." In 2008, Wally was featured in a Lake Geneva, Wisconsin mayoral campaign political cartoon, with a dialogue bubble reading "I graduated with Bill Chesen," referring to Chesen's Almeda University bachelor's degree.

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  1. Well, in all fairness, George's eyes *are* hypnotic.

    It's pretty obvious how Lulu got her degree. Tramp. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, these are so funny! I like the cat with the hypnotherapist's degree.

    I imagine it would go something like this,

    "When I count to three, you will wake up, and every time you are about to get angry at me because you stepped in a hairball on the carpet, you will instead praise me and give me tuna and catnip. 1...2...3." :-D

  3. Love those dogs n cats with degrees!

    I'd prefer to trust a k9 physician with a fraudulent degree than a human with least deliberate malice can be ruled out completely :)



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