Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Cakes That Totally Look Like Penises (Of The Day)

From Jody Love.

What's better than a one-eyed trouser snake?
A two-eyed trouser turkey!

Medical fact: over time, small penises will develop claws in an attempt to extend their reach.


I've heard of being "as horny as a three-balled tomcat" but never a three-balled turkey.

Can you leave my name off the cake this year, Grandma?

I see no penis here. But I do see a cat-shit octopus.

See more at Heavy.


  1. Ahahaha! "Claws in an attempt to extend their reach" and "cat-shit octopus" have me rolling here! Awesome captions, Cary! Thanks for the laugh. :D

  2. I need to bake more often to release my creativity, or whatever you want to call it... ;) You are indeed making hilario today, my friend!

  3. Aww yeah.. I'd gobble that. But I'll skip the turkey gravy. I can do that now 'cause I'm married.

  4. "Cat shit octopus" - bwhahaha!

    The captions...the captions, they have made my afternoon complete.

    You know, these all confuse me: I've seen plenty of live turkeys, both wild and domestic, and none of them have anything resembling brown ballsacks at the base of their necks. What am I missing?

  5. Oh lordhavemercy, those captions made me laugh out loud in the Walgreens! But I think I'll skip the turkey this year. And the cake. Just in case.



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