Monday, November 19, 2012

Possessed Small Appliance Of The Day: Devil Toaster

From Gawker and Liz Thayer.

28 Years Ago, The Today Show Aired the Greatest Interview in Television History

If you've been sitting around for the past 27 years waiting to witness the greatest moment in television history, I've got some bad news: You missed it.

In May 1984, The Today Show aired what can unarguably be described as the greatest televised interview ever: Legendary Weekly World News reporter and future Jerry Springer Show executive producer Richard Dominick's sit-down with a woman whose toaster was possessed by the Devil.

Suffice it to say, the year this segment didn't win every journalism award is the year every journalism award became irreverent. - Neetzan Zimmerman for Gawker

The video:



  1. "When all is said and done, it makes good toast."


  2. My toaster is cool, but I don't trust my blender. Not one bit.

  3. Daisy stole my comment. :) And lady, I talked to Jesus. He said to ask your son in the Gwar t-shirt about the Satan Lives toast.



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