Monday, November 5, 2012

Poorly Placed Ads Of The Day, Vol. 2

I love these more than I probably should. Those of you with delicate sensibilities might be offended by some of these, but then, those of you with delicate sensibilities probably shouldn't be here. You're welcome to stay, though.

Volume 1 here.



  1. This is what happens when you use keywords for advertising is all I'm saying.

  2. Hahaha! I laughed so loud at these I drew attention to myself.

    "Strippers do good things." Awesome.

  3. You get one big wiener at Larry's Dawg House!

  4. I was HEALED at Big Jim's Boobie Bungalow! HALLELUJERR!! YEEAYUS!

  5. Funny stuff! Placement of the Y billboard next to the McDonald's one is just good business (for the Y, of course). :)

  6. Oh, I DEFINITELY love these more than I should, probably because I am a bit sick and twisted ;)!

    I needed a good laugh right about now, and these provided it, in spades.

  7. Being in advertising myself, I like the billboards the most because those could actually be intentional. I think my favorite is the YMCA one. I can't say anything bad about Big Jim's Boobie Bungalow - their daily food specials cannot be beat!



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