Tuesday, November 27, 2012

News: Grandson Has Long Hair

From The Onion.

Grandson Has Long Hair
"Like a Girl—He Has Girl Hair," Says Grandfather

ROCKFORD, IL—Despite ostensibly being a boy, local grandson Eric Detweiler, 17, has long hair just like a girl’s, his grandfather reported Wednesday. 
“Well, I don’t know, people tell me I have a grandson, but I sure as hell don’t remember him having a big head of girl hair,” 72-year-old George Detweiler said in a raised voice and well within earshot of the teenager, who according to reports apparently divides his time nowadays between dressing like a jackass and screwing around with his weirdo girl-haired friends. 
“Can you believe it? And his mother and father actually let him run around like this, all dolled up like a prom queen," says Detweiler
"My own parents never let me go four weeks without a proper haircut, but then again, I was a boy, not a girl like my granddaughter here.” 
The elder Detweiler added that come Christmastime, he supposed he would have no choice but to buy his grandson a pretty red dress and a brand-new pony.


  1. I hope he buys him a pretty ribbon for his hair, too.

  2. My grandpa once made fun of my long hair. I was just shy of having a buzz cut at the time.

    Old people are kinda fucked in the head is what I'm getting at here.

  3. Well, hey, it might be worth the harassment if he gets a brand-new pony out of the deal!! :D



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