Tuesday, November 13, 2012

News: ABC Newscast Misnames Petraus Book With Hilarious Photoshopped Vulgarity

Thanks for the laugh, Bill Stancill. Story from Mediaite.

Denver ABC Station Misnames Paula Broadwell’s Petraeus Book: All Up In My Snatch 

Nov. 13, 2012

Photoshopped images. We all fall for them. Even TV news producers.

Last night, when Denver’s ABC affiliate ran a piece on the tragi-comic Gen. David Petraeus sex scandal, the station fell for those pesky Internet photoshops.

While discussing mistress Paula Broadwell‘s Petraeus biography — which is, in reality, titled All In — the reporter ran a photoshopped image of her book with the title All Up In My Snatch.

“Snatch”… for those not in the know… is a vulgar term for female private parts.

And no, this was not some elaborate prank by a Denver TV producer/reporter. It was a real, live mistake.

“Yes it happened. It was a mistake,” the station’s news director told Gawker.



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