Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Last Supper Parodies Of The Day

Creative blasphemy from people we'll meet in Hell. Most of these are worth a click for the larger view.

Look, it's our old pal, the Tourist of Death

I included this one only because it's so terrible. I love the late addition of the Sopranos guys at the bottom, half in, half out. Did the floor give way or something?


  1. Some people are so clever! The fast food one is my favorite, I think.

  2. I liked that one, too, Daisy! I cracked up at the Scientologists. Especially John Travolta's little pointy feet! The "House" version is very appropriate since House certainly has a God complex. :)

    Great list, Cary!

  3. I love the Scientology one, too-- I love Tom's platforms. I never knew about Tourist Of Death! I learn so much from LOTD. See ya in hell.

  4. These are hilarious! The clowns are freaky as shit, though.

    Also, someone PLEASE tell me that is not Will Smith in with the Scientologists??? I will be forever sad if it is him...

  5. The "Lost" one was part of their final season marketing (I think it was the main still for their Hulu page).

    Are there really Jesus and the Apostles-themed Lego characters?



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