Thursday, October 18, 2012

Unusual Movie End Credits Of The Day

Actual credits from real movies.

"Author of A Tale of Two Cities: Charles Dickens" -

"Worst Boy: Adolf Hitler" -
Airplane II: The Sequel

"The Voice: Himself" - Field of Dreams

"Based on the Best-Selling Novel,
The Tomatoes of Wrath" - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

"This film was filmed entirely on location in France, except for bits that were filmed elsewhere." -
Killer Tomatoes Eat France!

"ASPCT Approved: No tomatoes were mistreated or injured during production of this motion picture, except those who deserved it." -
Killer Tomatoes Eat France!

Hot Shots!

"This film cannot be shown in Flint. All the theaters have closed." -
Roger & Me

"No mimes were injured in the making of this motion picture. Furs were not worn. All catering was strictly vegetarian. Filmed entirely in a non-smoking area. All females were referred to as 'women'. White males were considered suspect and made to feel guilty. Condoms were worn at all times.” -

"No oceans were polluted during the filming of this movie." -
Speed 2: Cruise Control

"No thanks whatsoever to the Santa Rosa City School District Governing Board." -

Habe Roasher: Helen Roberts
The Third Man: Guido Reidy
Focus Loader: Jack Williams
Focus Puller: Tony Strachan
Clapper Loader: John Fletcher
Clapper Puller: Tom Brown
Puller Clapper: Joe Taylor
Clapper Clapper: Edward Davis
Flipper Flapper: Jane Thomas
Hey Diddle Diddle: The Cat And The Fiddle
Foreez: A Jolly Good Fellow
This Space For Rent [in the middle of an otherwise blank screen]
Top Secret!

"Ernst Blofeld: '?' " - From Russia with Love

"No lobsters were harmed during this production, only eaten." -
Lobster Man from Mars
"No animals or aliens were harmed in the making of this film." - Independence Day

"Sperm Wrangler: Blair Clark" -
Look Who's Talking Too

"Lots of small furry animals with sad eyes were tortured making this movie." -
Guns on the Clackamas: A Documentary

"Filmed in Dragarama" -
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

(Last line of credits) "FIN" -
A Fish Called Wanda

(Last line of credits): "The movie's over, you can go home now." -
Better Off Dead...

"No Canadians were harmed in this production." -
Canadian Bacon

"Made without any help whatsoever from the New York Transit Authority" -
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)
"Thanks to Mom and Dad for having sex all those years ago." - Mallrats

"Filmed on location in Valley of the Sun, Arizona, a great place to raise your kids." -
Raising Arizona

Crane Grip .................. Lloyd Barcroft
Dolly Grip .................. Jon Falkengren
Poli-Grip ................... Martha Raye
Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear

 "The band Spinal Tap is fictional. And there's no Easter Bunny, either!" - This Is Spinal Tap

"Special thanks to the Zamundan Film Authority" (Zamunda is the fictional country from which Eddie Murphy's character comes.) -
Coming to America

"No dogs were harmed in the making of this film. We shot them all at the wrap party." -
Curse of the Queerwolf
"Special Effects Bra by Bart Trickel" - The Linguini Incident

Demon Wrangler: Kevin Kutchaver
Stand-By Demon Wrangler: Linda Obalil
Director's Mistress: Phyllis Diedrickson
- Hard To Die

"Special thanks to the City of Tokyo for assistance in getting Godzilla to appear in this movie." -
Bambi Meets Godzilla"

"Screenplay by James Dearden, for the screenplay based on his earlier screenplay." -
Fatal Attraction
Emergency Operator: 911
Enterprise Captains: James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard
Still Waters: Run Deep
Horse Translator: Dr Doolittle
Dead Sculptors: Michelangelo, Rodin
Sketchy Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Plastered: My Wierd Uncle Bob
Loaded Cameraman: Getting Help
Kung Fu Grip: G.I. Joe
Ms. Sheridan's Stand-Out: Her Legs
Gorgeous Blonde's Phone Number: Still Trying To Get It
Spy Hard
"Hardly any animals were killed during the filming of this movie." - Roadkill

A symbol similar to the Artist Formerly Known as Prince is in the credits
as "victim in field" -


  1. "Foreez: A Jolly Good Fellow" :D

    That list was fun to read.

  2. I love little hidden things like this. Kung Fu Grip: G.I. Joe



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