Wednesday, October 17, 2012

News Of The Day: Family Makes Disturbing Discovery on Facebook About Home


Family makes a disturbing discovery on Facebook about their home

Oct. 4, 2012

TEGA CAY, SC (WCNC) – A South Carolina family made a disturbing discovery on Facebook. They found pictures of people partying in their home while they were away on vacation.

One of the pictures showed a teen dancing around with a funnel in his hand. The other one was throwing up in the sink.

“I’m looking at this saying this is inside my house,” said the homeowner who did not want to be identified. “There’s someone in my son’s room sleeping. Other people walking walking around doing lewd acts.”

The 39-year-old father said he did not want his name released in an effort to protect his children – who were not invited to or even in town for the party being thrown at their own house. It took three months, but details about the party eventually started to leak out on Facebook.

He said the party goers told his children they broke into the house through an unlocked window. When the family returned from vacation, the father said noticed the window screen was broken, but he thought nothing of it because nothing was missing inside the home. 

“They came back the next day we come to find out and cleaned everything up before we came home, put everything back, even did the dishes,” he said. 

“If the kids weren’t bragging about it or showing off via Facebook, nothing would have come about of it. They would have got completely away with it.”

After verifying the pictures were taken inside his home, the father called police.

“You know you’re sitting here just feeling completely violated cause how do you know when I’m not around, if the little kids are home, when they could come do this too or someone could come into your house,” he said. “It’s makes you feel pretty vulnerable then.”

Police said thanks to Facebook’s photo tagging feature, they were able to compile a complete list of suspects.

So far no charges have been filed in this case, but police consider this an active investigation. 


  1. That would freak me out if I found out it had happened in my home.

    1. In that case never look on my Facebook page.

      Or use the green toothbrush in your's been places.

    2. Ewww...I thought the green one looked a little...wonky! Great. Now I'm going to have to buy all new toothbrushes and disinfect everything in the whole house!

      And get a Rottweiler named Jesus.

  2. Okay, this takes the cake for one of the most bizarre stories I've ever read.

    I am also convinced that this is surely the first time in the history of the known universe that this particular scenario has happened.

  3. I just hope that wasn't my toothbrush!

  4. I call B.S. on this. No way would a bunch of teenagers clean up after they partied in someone's home. "Put everything back, even the dishes" Not. Buying. It.

    Prairie Girl

  5. I totally believe it because it happened on Weird Science. Kelly LeBrock cleaned it up.

  6. I'd be happy to have some teenagers come party in my house if they would come the next day and clean it up (even the dishes) because it would look better than it does now!



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