Monday, October 29, 2012

News: Fox's New Celebrity Diving Show

I think they should have a different twist every week, like freshwater crocs in the pool or tossing in a toaster just as the celeb hits the water or draining the pool without telling anyone. From Gawker.

By P.J. Smith

Fox to Join ABC in Throwing D-List Celebrities Off Cliffs, Calling It Reality TV

Fox is taking the dive (!) into the fast-developing TV genre of what Deadline describes as the "competition celebrity diving reality arena." Oh, you were not aware of this genre? Allow me to explain.

Fox's new show—"Stars In Danger: High Diving"—will feature about eight lucky, barely famous people who will undergo a "crash-course" in diving techniques (which I'm assuming will involve at least one foreboding cliff jump, because why else would anyone watch celebrities belly-flop into a normal body of water?). 

Finally, these "celebrities" will duke it out in a series of Olympic dives, "including solo high diving and synchronized diving."

"Stars In Danger" is premiering right on the heels of ABC's purchase of the European reality TV show "Celebrity Splash." It is the "Nanny 911" to ABC's "Supernanny," the "Trading Spouses" to ABC's "Wife Swap" In other words, pretty much the same exact show.


  1. I keep watching it as if I think it's going to end differently. Ouch!

  2. This show might have promise if ordinary, non-celebrity-type folks could vote on who will be diving and/or could win a chance to give the celebrities a "helping hand" with a little push.

  3. This is why the world LOVES America!



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