Monday, October 1, 2012

My All-Time Favorite Onion Story Of The Day

From The Onion. If you're too young to get it, bummer. 

Thanks, Amy Carey, for the reminder.

Christopher Cross Finally Reaches Mexican Border

Feb. 10, 1999

NOGALES, MEXICO—After nearly 20 years on the run, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Christopher Cross finally reached the Mexican border Monday.

"I had such a long way to go," said Cross, who fled south after gunning down 10 in 1980, "but I've finally made it to the border of Mexico."

Doctors, who described Cross' body as "weak," said much sleep would be necessary to restore the health of the fugitive adult-contemporary vocalist.



  1. Nearly 20 years on the run--he must have hit a lot of detours!

    That SCTV skit makes me laugh.

  2. Love that song, just heard it again this weekend after a long absence.

    "Lived 9 lives, shot down 10 ..."

  3. "And I've got such a long way to go (such a long way to go), to make it to the bathroom at Texaco."

    That's how I prefer to sing it.

  4. "RIDE LIKE THE WIND!" Wait, what if the wind isn't right? Can you still sail away? Sorry, I'm getting my Christopher Cross songs crossed. Bwahahahaaha.. *sigh*

  5. Cary, always been a fan, but this page as it stands right now, with this article, the mully hatchet and the dildo trading post..could be the best page you've ever done? Who's with me?

  6. "fugitive adult-contemporary vocalist" Brilliant. I have to agree with Ben, this is a great page Cary! Mully Hatchet is hysterical and who wouldn't want to trade dildos? Oh, wait, nevermind that.



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