Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 Creepy Abondoned Cities in America (Of The Day)

From Blastr: "Some of these locales have served as creepy backdrops and inspirations for horror films (including Silent Hill), while others live on as interesting points on local maps, luring in the occasional adventure-seeking tourist."


Arguably the creepiest place on this list, the famed city of Centralia was all but abandoned when a coal mine underneath the city caught fire, releasing toxic fumes that made for a dangerous city and one creepy setting. Interestingly, the town actually served as the inspiration for Silent Hill. Fifty years later? The fires still burn. 


One of many boomtowns during the prospecting rush, Rhyolite grew quickly in the early 1900s, and crashed to nothing just a few years later once the mines were emptied. The town’s remnants were used as a backdrop for some films in the late-to-mid 1900s, and what’s left of the town is a quiet window into a long-gone era.


A small island just near Manhattan, it’s creepy to think that North Brother Island is so close to the modern world. The island, located in the East River, housed a quarantine hospital and base—and is famously where Typhoid Mary was kept at the time. It later housed WWII vets studying under the GI Bill, and even later, drug addicts. The place shut down in the 1960s, and what’s left behind looks like the perfect setting for season two of American Horror Story.


With an old railroad station and a very creepy, abandoned downtown, Thurmond is definitely a must-see. Though its mostly a tourist stop, the town is technically still a town, with 6 of the city’s 7 residents seeking office in a recent municipal election.


This is definitely the hardest-to-find ghost town on the list, located at the end of a long, dead end road in Alaska. Once a bustling mining town, most residents caught the last train out once the mines dried up. A fair amount of the town remains, and for those who can get there, it’s an interesting look back at a mid-size Alaskan city frozen in the early-to-mid 1900s.


This now-abandoned town briefly served as the Alabama state capital in the early 1800s, until everyone figure out the city’s fatal flaw: It flooded. A lot. Most folks left, though some classic, Southern gothic homes and buildings remain in what has become a state historical site.

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  1. There are a lot of creepy little border towns in Texas going into Mexico when I'm buying my... um, tequila.

  2. Cahawba was one of those places we were always threatened with when I was growing up in AL. Groups of boys used to brag about camping there and told greatly embellished stories about their experiences.

    These remind of a list (one of yours, Cary?) about abandoned amusement parks. VERY creepy and eerie.

  3. THURMOND, WV -- "the town is technically still a town, with 6 of the city’s 7 residents seeking office in a recent municipal election"

    That part made me laugh. With only seven people there, you'd think they could come up with some office the seventh guy could have so they could all take part.

  4. Damn you, Cary! That was gonna be my scary post of the day. But that's okay. I still love you enough to leave you a welcome gift for being my very first follower. You're welcome. ;)

  5. What about Times Beach, MO?
    Talk about creepy, you can see it from the interstate!

  6. I love ghost towns and old, decrepit places like these... would love to go to each of them!



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