Monday, September 17, 2012

You As Art: Products Of The Day

You would look good on my wall.


Before you get all needle nervous, know that all this print requires is a painless swab of your cheek. After that, simply select the color combination and size you want and you can sit back and wait for your DNA to be displayed as high art. ($199)


You’re going to need a partner for this one (ideally someone you’re attracted to and/or in love with). Roll out the Love Is Art canvas, spread some body paint and, well, have yourself some fun. When you’re finished you’ll be left with a work of art that you’ll snicker about every time someone mentions they like it. ($65)


If the zombie apocalypse truly is coming, you might as well get used to your new look. Simply send over a photo and Zombie Portraits will provide you with either a black & white or a full-color portrait of you as a flesh eater. ($80)


You’re probably very familiar with the classic optical illusion where your feeble brain tries to determine whether you’re looking at a chalice or two faces. Well, that’s the idea behind the Pirolette. The artists behind it take the image of your profile and carve it into your choice of wood. The result is a sharp looking piece of art that will display a shadow on your wall that should be oddly familiar. ($150)

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  1. Normally you need one of those ultraviolet lights to see DNA on the bedroom wall. This is much more convenient!

  2. I don't think I'd want to be made into a zombie, but the body paint one sounds like fun! :D

  3. I would totally do "love is art" and I think Pirolette is cool as can be. Pass on the zombie, thanks. :)

  4. Regarding the Love Is Art: Is that a blue ballsack there in the middle? Just asking...



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